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Gator Techologies provides the Sure SHOT™  Positive Pulse System manufactured by APS Technology a leading Measurement & Logging  Tools manufacturer. The SureSHOT™ MWD tool is used for all positive pulse drilling applications. It is a field proven, reliable MWD system capable of handling Lost Circulation Material (LCM) at concentration levels as high as 50 pounds per barrel. Gamma Ray sensors can also be easily incorporated for Formation interpretation.

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EM-MWD Services
Gator Technologies provides the AP250 Electromagnetic Pulse MWD manufactured by Applied Physics Systems. The AP250 EM-MWD systems is used in applications such as air drilling, underbalanced drilling, high speed drilling and low pressure formations with high lost circulation material (LCM) situations.This system offers two communication protocols for a wide range of information from downhole to the surface, including roll, inclination, azimuth, vibration, shock, and rotational data.Gamma Ray sensors are available for formation interpretation.

GATOR EMT System.pdf